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PSG support up til 50% still available

One of the most comprehensive workforce & task-management solutions (“light CMMS”) is now within easy reach!

Appointed Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital Vendor under the SMEsGoDigital programme.

Our solution-packages are eligible for up to 50% (effective 1st. Apr.23) funding support from Productivity Solution Grant.

Welcome to Swipetask

Welcome to SWIPETASK, the advanced IT Startup paving the future of employee productivity in a distributed workforce. We have set-out to make today's workforce more productive using technology. Our mission is to augment people's work-lives with technology in order to live more productive and ultimately better lives.  Swipetask  is what we call a "last-mile" workforce-management Swipetask solution focusing on creating "Instant productivity".

Unparalleled technnology

Technology is at the core of all that we do at Swipetask. We are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a more productive tomorrow for everyone.

About us

Swipetask has its roots in Stockholm, Sweden and Singapore.

leads to power

Our goal is to offer an industry-leading mobile task-productivity solution.

Our focus is to empower the individual work-crew to do a better and more productive job, through simple and actionable "clarity".

By focusing on the work-crew, we are ensuring that the Enterprise or business-owner is rewarded with a better bottom-line. ​Swipetask is built on our own multi-industry and real-life experiences over many years, and not hypothesis.

We understand the need of real-time information, clear and fast communications, quick response/feed-back, mobile micro-learning, receiving intelligent notifications and the need for a motivated crew.  

Contact us for a demo to find out what makes us the leading workforce management software in Singapore.​ Click below to learn more about Our Team.

How can Workforce & Task-management system
help your business?

Make your business faster, leaner and more systematic.

A workforce & task-management software solution (WFM in short) can help businesses improve time and attendance management, automate and simplify payroll-processing, manage shift schedules, track task status and completion, track quality performance and much more – all in one comprehensive package.

Simply put it will help you: Optimise your workforce

Typical cost savings and ROI from implementing a Workforce-Management Solution

Save money and achieve greater returns from your investment.

Like with any technical solution, the ROI is likely to be seen only once the solution is successfully implemented. Thus, the first questions we need to answer is ‘What is considered a successful implementation?’ and the second being ‘How do we achieve it?’ (but that will be covered in another article😊).

Digital Solution to Support Performance-Based Contracts

Digital solutions to support performance based contracts can enable new business models and opportunities for performance-based contracting in the specifically the built environment/IFM industry. It can also reduce transaction costs, risks, disputes, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.