Swipetask SIGHT™

A.I camera smart-Bin

·  Swipetask SIGHT™ is a new generation smart-bin deploying IR illuminated, wireless IoT cameras, which unlike traditional ultrasonic sensors can do much more than only measure the fill-level of the bins.

·  Using actual cameras operating with 3G/4G network and connected to Cloud for AI and Analytics, the AI platform is trained to identify 1000 object categories, apart from also alerting when bin is full to a set threshold.

·  Based on the identification, Reactive tasks are created for remedial action.

·  Value-add Data aggregation includes volume of trash collection (weekly,monthly, and yearly), type of trash and much more.

·  End-to-End Encrypted communication network for data integrity.

·  Plug and Play System.

· Geo-location tagging.

Bin monitoring;
Litter category and volume detection

·  Can be deployed in almost any type of bin.

· Also deployable for Bin-centres and Waste recycling bins.

· Alert Mechanism:
      · Alerts on a level 80% and above (configurable)
     · Rule-based alerts sent alerts on exceeding a specific category of litter type etc..

· Live Dashboard and Trend Analysis

·Waste data to be used for future resource planning, and explore the possibility tocollect recyclable   
and resell the wastes based on the category index and volume.

· Data can be used to plan the transportation as well.