Supervisor PRO

Introducing our distributed
workforce management solutions

Swipetask PRO is a comprehensive ‘office-in-the-pocket’ solution fora Supervisor’s daily operations; From the Swipetask PRO App, the User is able to;
  • Take Facial-recognition and GPS-based Attendance of any number of Crew and Teams, within seconds create digital records and reports of his Crew’s activities.
  • Accept and handle Urgent tasks incl. Service requests from Clients
  • Accept and handle Tasks auto-generated by IoT sensors/panels
  • Manage all forms of Periodic tasks.
  • Perform digital Quality inspections
  • Re-assign tasks
  • Fault Reporting
All features require only a few swipes and with use of drop-down and customized templates, reporting tasks can be completed within seconds. As the Supervisor progresses through his/her day and with the activities, Reports are automatically created which are accessible via email (including optionally to Clients) as well as from dashboard and the mobile.​

To complete this most powerful tool, Swipetask PRO is now also seamlessly and intelligently integrated with both smart washroom feed-back panels, as well as any number and type of IoT sensors.

Easily set threshold levels determine when tasks are automatically create to react to panel impressions by customers, or Iot sensors triggers.​​At the end; all data generated and collected translates into automatic, timely and date-range searchable Reports.

​​With Swipetask PRO, Supervisors are able to take a giant leap in the efficiency of their work-processes, increase their efficiency and over time boost productivity, not to mention the improved Client-servicing capabilities.
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