How can a Workforce & Task-management system help your business? 

Businesses rely on their workforce to manage, execute and deliver best results for their customers’ expectations. Today’s businesses need to constantly strive to be lean and efficient to increase revenues from existing customers as well as engage with new ones to produce new revenue streams. 

Cost & quality-control, consistency, service responsiveness and ability to track KPIs vis-à-vis clients are all key elements in creating a sustainable and thriving business. 

Even in the Public Sector, demands to reduce costs, while maintaining equivalent or improved service levels, continue unabated. 

So how do you keep your organisation lean whilst driving a quality-offering at a cost that will attract new customers and keep existing ones? 

A workforce & task-management software solution (WFM in short) can help businesses improve time and attendance management, automate and simplify payroll-processing, manage shift schedules, track task status and completion, track quality performance and much more – all in one comprehensive package. 

Simply put it will help you:

Optimise your workforce

A better way to understand and overview how your staff resources are deployed and tasks are progressing: 

1. With a WFM software system, you have increased awareness and data that allows you to better understand how best to organise and run your business. But it’s not sufficient to simply knowing where everyone is; you also need insight into what they are doing while they are there. 

2. A Workforce Management Software System provides more than just (optionally) location information; it also shows manhours used, so you can tell if the outcome matches the expectations. 

The Swipetask WFM solution uniquely offers actionable and end-to-end insights into; attendance, worked hours, scheduled tasks vs actual, manhours used for different tasks, service-request response times, quality audit results per Crew and/or Team and site, IoT sensor triggers and more - making it possible for you as a business owner or Manager to identify productive/non-productive activities, a multitude of workforce parameters and problem areas, as well as high performing areas of the

Make your business faster, leaner and more systematic 

On top of reduced labour costs: 

1. A good Workforce Management software solution supports the optimisation and automation of reporting, both to Management and Clients cutting out unnecessary manual time-wasting practices. 

2. Many existing time-consuming and repetitive manual processes can be digitised for exponential productivity improvements, removing the reliance on spreadsheets and the chaos created by multiple locally managed procedures. 

3. Standardize operations and implement templates and checklists wherever possible to speed up operations and for benchmarking purposes. 

4. Centralised overall visibility can support the delivery of business consistency and maximise operational effectiveness throughout the organisation. 

5. With objective data from the ground up, the system allows the company to potentially and equitably recognise and/or reward high-performing staff. 

6. With a treasure trove of valuable data, the company has the ability to do future business-planning and better predict bids, or issue quotes for new projects. 

Ultimately, the solution can help optimise the value of the workforce, in delivering the products and services of the company. 

Time Tracking 

Apart from scheduling your tasks, workforce and checklists optimally, tracking the time and attendance of your staff can often be a separate and more specific concept under your workforce management requirements. A digital and field-based solution monitoring time & attendance offers the following benefits: 

Attendance – Having information on whether an employee is present in the company or not, and why. Our system also adds/confirms the location data when capturing the attendance of the staff.

 • Time – How many hours an employee has been working; to fulfil their both their own obligations, OT, processing of payroll, as well as to manage possible client/site requirements. 

The Swipetask Attendance module enables tracking of hours per employee, team, shift, site, regular shift hours, overtime and so on. The Attendance taking (clocking) can be done using: 

• User’s own mobile phone/App 
• Supervisor’s mobile phone/App 
• Attendance panel fixed at work-site 
• Bluetooth beacons (optional) 

For enhanced security or convenience, the biometric Attendance module can also be combined with scanning of NFC tag or QR code. 

With digitalized workforce management (specifically, by implementing a good workforce management IT solution,) managers can automatically and accurately track the time & attendance, overtime of their employees and manpower costs relating to projects, tasks and sites. 

Employee Empowerment 

Within Swipetask we profoundly believe that ‘Clarity leads to Power’ and thus the first objective of our digital solution and any Digital Transformation project, is to empower the ground-staff. 

The implementation of the WFM solution requires the active participation and support from all stakeholders. It is not possible to separate the technology from its implementation, as they go hand-in-hand. No matter how good a solution you have, unless it is properly implemented by the company and embraced by the ground staff, as a ‘tool of empowerment', it will not achieve its full potential.