Configurable for individual Professional Cleaning Services companies and Hotel-usage; 


  • Facial-recognition Attendance (and GPS location) of all project-crew

  • Variable Sanitation Protocol

  • Intuitive & extremely easy-to-use Step-by-step workflow incl. donning of all components                              of PPE, as well as removal and disposal, as well as all the steps of project

  • Ability to ‘click for more information’ = micro-learning VIDEO content for all steps

  • All Project Task-details in a simple one-page view

  • Ability to add (or require staff to add) confirmation-image or video after each step

  • Ability (or requirement) for the Client to sign-off/approve the Project

  • Ability to add-in/Report ATP testing result

  • Automatic and extensive Output/Job Completion Report

  • A weblink for Client to download Report....and more

project Task-Covid.png