Privacy policy

Swipetask takes security and privacy very seriously and our Apps,  architecture and solutions are tested according to leading industry-norms, and allows for total client & User-privacy. We also offer customized Privacy undertakings with our Enterprise clients.​

The following Privacy Policy statement covers the types of information that is collected and recorded in the Swipetask ONE Application and how we use it. Swipetask Pte Ltd is the owner of the Swipetask ONE App which was developed under a partnership with the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore (MOM). As a User you have the option to give permission for the Application to access the Contact list on your phone.​

Purpose of fetching Contact List If you have accepted the Terms & Conditions and given permission, then the Swipetask ONE application gets the Contact list from the device and uploads that contact list to the server. The purpose of the fetching of the Contact list is to analyze how many of the User contacts are using Swipetask ONE app. When a matching Contact is found of another User, the system will display that Contact in your 'Friends' list. Swipetask does not store contact information on the server database. If you as a User do not give permission then the system will not fetch the Contact list.Swipetask does not disclose any Users contact information to any third-party solutions.

​The application is intended and used by Non-resident Singaporeans. The Swipetask ONE application complies with the rules and regulations for our Non-resident employees. The App displays Video, PDF and content in multiple languages.